A Portrait of a Truthful Preacher

Bro. Eli Soriano

What makes a good portrait is its  ability to trap emotions in so that it could go about transcending race, culture, and even time. It  will reveal  a story that is real and perfect; it will never fail to speak of the truth.

Yes, a truthful portrait is indeed good. But a truthful portrait of a truthful man is great.

This is a beautiful portrait of a beautiful man who is lost in deep thought. This photograph captures one’s attention for if one stares at his face, hope and truthfulness are reflected. This man, whose eyebrows are slightly furrowed in introspection, is none other than Bro. Eliseo Soriano. A preacher who shouts God’s Truth with unparalleled passion, Bro. Eli is on a mission to  spread God’s loving kindness to everyone in the world.


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