The Chemistry Of Being A Good Follower

Chemically and biologically speaking, our entire body is a follower to the dictates of our hypothalamus and brains. There is an instant sense of subjection and obedience embedded in every molecule of our body to the dictates of our central nervous system.

Even the cellular formation in every tissue and organ of the body is being commanded by the DNA pattern that we have, which make up the blueprint of our entire being.

The processes that take place in our body with regards to its daily activities from birth to death is an example of how a follower must be. Practically, our entire being follows the force within us – whether it be good or evil. Chemically and physiologically, every cell in the body follows a legitimate pattern and hierarchy of commands. It is wonderful to elaborate and explain each chain of command in the body, but I fear I will not have enough time and space to do so. One very simple example is how your hand is instantaneously commanded by the hypothalamus to detach itself from something hot which it has accidentally touched. Similarly, a hand does not just detach itself without feeling, seeing, and understanding the reality of the dictates of the hypothalamus.

A good follower doesn’t just follow. Whenever he obeys a command, he understands it and has determined that it is sensical. His understanding dictates his perseverance and faithfulness in heeding to such command.

Bro. Eli Soriano preaching in a jampacked crowd

In the course of human history, victory and triumph have been attained by a team of a good leader and good followers in practically every aspect of life, but it is also equally true that tragic loss of lives and properties happened because of a good leader with dumb followers or good followers with a stupid leader, or worse, blind leaders with blind followers. Hitler is an example of a gruesome leader, and those that followed him in butchering some six million Jews are examples of the worst of followers.

A good follower does not succumb to the caprices of his leader. A good follower can make his leader good!

Until next time.

This article is originally posted on Believer News Magazine January, 2005


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